How to Run a Killer Marketing Campaign

You may have the brains and brawn behind an industry-changing product or service. However, without a killer marketing campaign, you will have no way to reach the target demographic and many more people who could potentially be loyal customers. Here are a few tips for running a great marketing campaign.

How to Run a Killer Marketing Campaign

Determine Your Target Audience

The first step in your marketing campaign should be determining your target audience, or who exactly you want to market your product and service to. This can be determined by industry, age group, location and other various factors. In order to reach the right customers, you first have to determine who those customers are.

Hit the Field

Many current marketers fall into the traps of only using digital marketing. And while marketing over social media and email is an important part of any campaign, getting into the field marketing space is just as important. Attending trade shows, putting up physical advertisements and using a signage maker Salt Lake City to communicate your company’s brand and values to the masses can play a huge role in getting your message out to potential customers. Don’t let field marketing get left behind!

Follow Up

Once you make your initial impressions on potential customers, you should be sure to continue to let them know that you value them and want their business. This can mean following up with them via email or a phone call as well as sending them company swag or gifts so they remember your brand. While first impressions are important, it is the interaction you will continue to have with your leads that will turn them into customers down the line.

Determining your target audience, hitting the field marketing scene and following up with potential leads are three ways that you can be sure your marketing campaign is successful.

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